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Your electrophysiologist will decide your treatment depending on your heart rhythm disorder. Options are as under:

MEDICATIONS called antiarrhythmic drugs to stop or prevent an arrhythmia or control the rate of an arrhythmia

WARNING:  Do not use them without consulting and only under supervision of an electrophysiologist, as they may prove lethal in certain circumstances.

CARDIOVERSION:  A treatment that uses electricity to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm while you are anaesthetized or sedated

CATHETER ABLATION:  a minimally invasive  treatment under local or general anesthesia that carefully destroys the diseased tissue in your heart that causes the arrhythmia

PACEMAKER: A small device containing its own battery that is implanted in your chest under local anesthetic; it produces electrical signals to do the work of the natural pacemaker in your heart to help it beat at a normal rate. It is analogous to a generator used in houses, which restore back the electricity when it is not there and when adequate electricity is there it just observes or monitors.

A device similar to a pacemaker that monitors your heart rhythm and shocks your heart back into a normal rhythm whenever this is neededype your paragraph here.