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CATHETER ABLATION:A method to destroy abnormal tissue responsible for triggering atrial fibrillation.Type your paragraph here.

Procedure: Catheter ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that uses special tubes (catheters) with small electrodes. After administration of a local anesthetic to numb the skin over blood vessels (usually in the groin), the catheters are inserted into the blood vessel and guided to the heart. There, they are used to cauterize (burn) or freeze heart cells to modify or destroy the abnormal electrical circuits and triggers causing AF, thereby preventing AF.

 In India inspite of huge burden of atrial fibrillation few people are able to get specialized treatment.

With such a large and growing unmet medical need, why so few cardiac ablations? 

In India there is a paucity of cardiac electrophysiologist (cardiologist who undergo specialized fellowship and training to tackle arrhythmias).

We aim of to educate, correct and prevent complications related to AF by making masses understand and  beat their AF by utilizing the correct resources.